"Off the Pad" Live!


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About "Off the Pad" Live!


Audience Participation (only if you’d like to)

Christmas-y things
* Gift giveaways
* Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest
* Maybe a Raffle
* Other in-show fun and games

Comedians Jayé Toler and Corey Marshall, team up to deliver TWO-shows-in-ONE!!... Stand-Up performances AND a live rendition of their podcast, "Off The Pad”… with a Special CHRISTMAS theme throughout!!!

GUESTS are encouraged to wear your favorite Ugly Christmas Sweater (or other festive attire)! *But the contest will only be for those who explicitly choose to participate in it. Otherwise, just dress up in your Christmas gear and be cute!*

This show will be Emceed/Moderated by Mike Street!! Yep, the same Mike Street Show from the Radio (106.5 The Beat)!

"Off The Pad" is interactive and incorporates the topics YOU suggest in an on-the-spot, off-the-cuff style of dialogue. During the show, there will be opportunities when audience members will have the chance to suggest discussion topics (only if you want to)! Although Jayé and Corey keep their content CLEAN, no topic is off-limits! Your suggestions could be issues that people would normally talk about in private, relationships and romance, current news, social concerns, sports, politics, life, TV & movies, publicized events, viral videos, rumors, celebrities, history, family, science and anything else conversation-worthy.

Corey’s urbane disposition and Jayé’s energetic temperament blend together perfectly to give a full, well-balanced night of entertainment! Masters within their own comedy careers, when they do shows together, audiences leave with teary eyes and aching bellies, wanting to know when they will share the stage again. You don't want to miss this!

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