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About The Carmen & Bryan Show

Carmen Morales has a captivating style which incorporates opinionated quick wit and outlandish characters. Taking from family, friends and people from everyday encounters she transforms into these characters seamlessly, then adds hilarious commentary which leaves the audience doubled over in laughter. With a perfect combination of assertiveness, like-ability and vulnerability she has been well received by audiences internationally. She's been seen in two seasons of the tv show "Laughs" on FOX, seen on "Punchline" on FOX and heard on Sirius XM radio in the U.S. and Canada. She's also been featured in Gilda's LaughFest Comedy Festival, Broke LA Comedy Festival, the World Series of Comedy, Scruffy City Comedy Festival, Women of Comedy Festival, in the New York Times. She has a hit podcast called, "No Sir, I Don't Like it," has produced her own traveling comedy show, as well as performed in comedy clubs, colleges, military bases, strip malls, indie shows, dive bars, towns no one has ever heard of across the country.

Bryan Vokey is a comedian originally from Westbrook, Maine, but has since lived everywhere. He’s served in the Army, taught pre-school in San Francisco, toured the world in punk bands, and has been doing stand-up the whole time. All these things have led to a very unique perspective that is both funny and original. There is no subject matter Bryan will stay away from, but he always prioritizes being funny first. Bryan has worked along side such great comedians as Jerry Seinfeld, Joey Diaz, Maria Bamford, and many more. He regularly performs at the Hollywood Improv, the Ice House Comedy Club, and tours nationally year round. He is a co-host of the popular podcast, “No Sir, I Don’t Like It,” with fellow comedian, Carmen Morales. He was voted “Best of the Fest” at last year’s Golden Spike Comedy Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah.