Micah "Bam Bamm" White



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About Micah "Bam Bamm" White

After nearly 15 years Micah “Bam Bamm” WhitE's career has taken many turns. He was a top ten finalist in the HBO Lucky 21 Comedy Competition, which consisted of 220 comedians.

Micah has made appearances in major motion pictures and Television series. In July of 2009 he appeared in the TV series Army Wives. Which is the #1 watched series on the Lifetime television network. So far his biggest appearance is in the Motion picture Unstoppable starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine, which hit theaters in November 2010.

Micah takes pride in the FACT that he has a 100% return demand in every city that he has performed in. His comedy is definitely unique to his own personality and views. He gives every crowd, very high energy, and a show they will never forget! A lot of comics are funny, but only a few are absolutely hilarious. This guy is one of the few!!!

Come witness one of the funniest comics of our time. Trust me when I tell you, "YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF"!