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About Basile

Basile is one of the hottest comedy acts in the country today. In addition to performing his critically acclaimed "Growing Up Greek In America," he is an American comedian who has a deranged blend of wild, silly, and outrageously funny characters, voices, and attitudes. A powerfully diverse entertainer, he is able to shift from frenzied airline passenger to tearful teddy bear to angry, antagonistic performer without missing a beat. Watching him in action is like opening a big beautifully-wrapped have no idea what's inside, but you know it's going to be good!

His powerful performances have made him one of the most sought after stand-ups on the comedy circuit today. He's unique and unpredictable, but always hysterical. He fills the envelope and pushes it far beyond all previous limits. There's never been anyone like Basile. There couldn't be! Basile's career has taken him from film to radio (Four-time ADDY winner, the James Brown/OJ Simpson Trial Updates syndicated), to commercials (Moosehead Beer), to TV (A&E's Evening at the Improv, Comedy on the Road, Caroline's Comedy Hour, Comedy Central, Showtime's Comedy Club Network, MTV Half-Hour Comedy Hour), to writing (US Airways' Entertainment Magazine, Greek American Magazine). He lends his voice to Universal Studios as Bullwinkle J. Moose, and he has performed in Japanese Anime on such series as Bubble Gum Crash Crisis and UY/Urusei Yatsura.

BANG - you laugh! POW - you grab your sides! CRUNCH - you try to catch your breath!

Once you've seen this comedian's rough and tough opener, it's hard to believe that off-stage he's also the voice of Universal Studio's beloved "Bullwinkle Moose."

Critics call his opening bit the funniest in the country when he appears unplugged and in concert to sell-out crowds in comedy clubs and theatres across the U.S. A pinch of Basile turns the ordinary into the extraordinary! Basile's spicy blend of improvisation and characters make for a great recipe for your entertainment pleasure.

Yes, he has a soft side - but this "teddy bear" is stuffed with high explosives that will blow the audience through the roof!