D Cameron
D Cameron
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About D Cameron

D. worked in a middle school as a B.M.T., now he is a substitute teacher. He'll paint you a picture of middle school life that will have you smiling from ear to ear.

He tells you about his own children and his life as a married man. He does this while offering some advice to the newly married and not yet married men.

D. has worked with John Witherspoon, Sinbad, Tommy Chong, Steve Harvey, D.L.Hughley, Chris Rock, Jeff Dunham and many other comedians in his career.

This entertaining comedian is a refreshing change with a unique way of looking at everyday living. He is traveling from comedy club to comedy club spreading good clean(slightly risque') comedy like the flu. You'll know him when you see him, because he'll be wearing a hat, a smile and he'll charm the pants right off of you.