"Put Me On"Comedy Showcase starring Jayé Toler
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About "Put Me On"Comedy Showcase starring Jayé Toler

Jayé Toler, a Richmond Virginia native, started performing Stand-Up in 2009 by competing in local contests. After winning several competitions, he has been traveling throughout the East Coast entertaining crowds. Understanding that improvement is an ever-continuous process, even when not booked for an event, Jayé still finds an open mic somewhere so he can try new jokes, refine old jokes, or just add to his arsenal. His style, energetic temperament, and versatile content allows him to bring laughter to any demographic. With each performance, he reasserts his mastery of the art of story-telling. Every day he tries to have a laugh for himself and make at least one other person laugh.



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Hosted by Micah "Bam Bamm" White, with Jason Klingman, Kenny Wingle, April Lee Dowdy, Corey Marshall and Jayé Toler